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Why Explore Piermont and Tappan, New York?

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Continuing on my local day trip series, here is a blog post on taking a walk or drive to historical locations in my local area. Have you ever read the book 1776? It’s a book by David McCullough about the Revolutionary War that focuses on battles in New Jersey and New York.

Recently I’ve been wanting to explore more of my local area. This book has so much historical significance because the Revolutionary War is what gave America our independence. When researching locations mentioned in 1776, I also discovered Piermont Pier's significance during World War II.

At the end of Piermont Pier there is a great spot to sit, reflect or catch up with a friend, You're able to see birds and the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Join me on a journey of learning the historical significance of two local towns that are a wonderful weekend getaway.

First, we’ll start in Nyack at the Boxer Donut. I love starting the day with a latte. Pairing an adventure with the local coffee or tea is a way I like to get to know a new area. I got a vanilla latte and chocolate sprinkled donut. I will say their donuts are like nothing I’ve ever tasted. The donut itself almost tasted like bread. I know that might not sound appetizing, however! It was wonderful. It is not a sugar high sweetness, it is overall enjoyable.

Visit Boxer Donut and get a donut and vanilla latte. It has a welcoming atmosphere and must stop place in Nyack New York.

You can enjoy your coffee there, my Mom joined me for the day and we sat awhile to get a vibe for the place. People mainly got their coffee and left. From the interaction of the person and staff, they seemed to be locals. The inside space it not super spacious, it was one couch, a chair, and the opposite side has two stools. I would recommend not meeting a friend here to catch up, I would say get your coffee and go for a walk on the walking trail nearby or walk to the park two blocks down.

If you are a cyclist, they have water outside and a bike rack. Nyack has many cyclists come thru the aresa and is prepared for cyclists to enjoy the rest and get something sweet to enjoy.

Boxer Donut is prepared for the many cyclist that ride through Tappan, Piermont, and Nyack. If you are in this New York area and a cyclist, make a stop here to enjoy their goodies and fill up your water.

The walking trail I've mentioned in Nyack, goes through Piermont and Tappan. It can over amazing spot to run, walk, or cycle. I couldn't find the exact mileage but if you're planning to do all the spots I mention in a day I would recommend cycling or driving. If you plan to walk bits of it, put on good walking shoes to enjoy the area and enjoy the trail! If neither walking or cycling appeals to you, it is easy to stop and drive to all these locations I mention.

Nyack is so pedestrian and cyclist friendly that it is easy to walk throughout the town. Take this walking path that is just for those wanting to get to different town and be active.

Our next stop which you can drive to by turning left on Cedar Hill Ave from S. Frankling Street and going two blocks down and make a right onto Piermont Ave. This road will give you an amazing view of the Hudson River, Tappen Zee Bridge, and many historical homes of the area. The older homes are one of my favorite parts of this drive.

On the way from Nyack to Piermont, you will actually drive under the Tappan Zee Bridge, and Piermont Ave becomes River Road. When you enter the town of Piermont, it becomes Piermont Ave again so you don't get confused! From there it will be about 5 minutes till you get to the center of Piermont. There are a few options to walk or drive down the pier.

Take the park entrance from Ferry road you can park at the beginning of the walking the path. Or drive the entier pier and park where there are no signs saying you cannot park. Another option is to park at the library or the lot on Spruce street and walk to the View on the Hudson. There is a pedestrian walking trail that will take you down the pier. This trail is 3.2 miles round trip. However you decide to enter the pier, walking, driving or both, you will enjoy the beautiful views along the water and go to the end of the pier.

Piermont Pier has many benches to stop and enjoy the view. You will see people enjoying the view, fishing from these benches, or just sitting back and enjoying the day. These spots are great for all ages to enjoy.

This pier was created during World War II for soldiers to board ships and head to Europe. 40,000 men came through this pier monthly. The pier has many landmarks to thank those soldiers and soldiers who came after. When the war ended, 100,000 soldiers came back through this pier at the end of World War II.

This monument is at the end of the Piermont Pier. It pays tribute to all the soldiers who came down this pier to go serve in Europe during World War II.

This pier is rich in history and is enjoyed by many. You can sit at the multiple benches throughout the pier and enjoy the view of the Tappan Zee Bridge or see Manhattan and George Washington Bridge on a clear day. You will see many people come with families to walk or go fishing. It is such a scenic spot. Bring your coffee and donut here to enjoy it! Sit back and enjoy the time alone and self-reflection or catching up with a friend you asked to tag along with you. The pier itself is just under 2 miles, or 3.5 miles round trip.

The many benches throughout the pier are just asking for you to bring a book to read. Bring a friend to chat. Or be a weekly spot to walk with family, friends or loved one to enjoy the beautiful days on the Hudson River.

From here we’ll finish in the Revolutionary War time in Tappan, New York. Get back on your bike, get ready for a walk or put in your GPS, the DeWint House. The DeWint House is where George Washington lived and held his headquarters during the Revolutionary War. There are walking tours you can take to learn about the full history of the land. Is has a stream that goes along the property that adds to a relaxing and peaceful environment. I can see why Washington chose this as his home, but also couldn't imagine how different the area looked during wartime.

Visit the DeWint House, it was George Washington's head quarter during the Revolutionary War.

Now, the DeWint house is part of the Tappan historic district but it is a bit of a walk to the rest of the Tappan Historic District. I hope you're ready to return to your bike, walk, or get back in your car to see the Mase home, the First Court House, Major Andre location where the American soldier turned British spy wasvcaptured and hung, and the Old '76 House. Park at the Mase home and walk the grounds, then make your way to the old church that has signs about the first courthouse and where Major Andre trial was held. Then, cross the street and make your way to the Old '76 House which is now a restaurant.

This is a local attraction that people come to explore because the Old ’76 house was a safe zone during the Revolutionary War. Major Andre who I mentioned was held here as a prisoner. If you’re a major history buff I recommend reading the sites full history here. It has amazing food which if you walked, biked, or just made a full day of it, you just might be ready for a wonderful meal!

The Old '76 House in Tappan New York is a must eat location. This was considered a safe zone during the Revolutionary War. It Held the traitor John Andre during the Revolutionary War.

Tappan is a gorgeous town. I hope you enjoy the coffee and history day. Nyack, Piermont, and Tappan are wonderful towns to visit and are just a small piece of what Rockland County has to offer.

Check out this blog post about exploring Bear Mountain if you want to see more of Rockland County.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my historical day trip. If you have any questions about the area please email me at

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Tappan and Piermont New York have major historical significance for the Revolutionary War and World War II. Get coffee at Boxer Donuts, go for a walk or cycle the area and see all the historical spot sin one day! I break down highlight of my favorite spots and why I visited them!
Tappan and Piermont New York have major historical significance for the Revolutionary War and World War II. Get coffee at Boxer Donuts, go for a walk or cycle the area and see all the historical spot sin one day! I break down highlight of my favorite spots and why I visited them!

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