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Day Trip To Bear Mountain Inn and Peekskill, New York

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Join me in discovering what my local area has to offer.

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Visit Bear Mountain Inn, Hudson Valley area, and make a day of this beautiful location.
Visit Bear Mountain Inn, Hudson Valley area, and make a day of this beautiful location.

Bear Mountain State Park is a gorgeous state park on the Hudson River. It is about 30 minutes outside of New York City. There is a historic inn that is a must stay with an ice skating rink. Visit the area to cycle, hike, walk, or go on the water.

Hudson Valley is a beautiful area. I’m live in northern New Jersey and have hiked the area many times. I recently wanted to explore and learn more about the history of the surrounding area. I’ve gone hiking with friends in Bear Mountain. Visited their annual Oktoberfest. Witness so many cyclists riding the windy roads of the Palisade parkway to Seven Lakes Drive or Route 6 to Route 202.

Visit Fleishchmann Pier for the best views of the Hudson Valley in Peekskill, New York.

My Mom came with me to explore this beautiful area we’ve been many times. This particular day was a beautiful March day, a tad windy as you'll see in my YouTube video. Even though it was a bit windy, it was an amazing temperature to walk the grounds and go to these eight spots listed below. Bring your camera along and get a photo at each spot.

This was closed when we drove to Bear Mountain Inn in early March. It opens in spring till fall. I am told it has amazing panoramic views of Hudson Valley. Even with the entrance closed, I recommend doing this drive as the way to arrive at Bear Mountain. The windy roads add to the mountain views and scenery of the area.

Bear Mountain Inn is a stunning addition to the landscape of the area. The architect wanted to bring the Adirondack style to the area. The arches on the roof and archways are very symbolic of the Adirondack style. When you enter the facility it is evident in the interior. At Bear Mountain Inn there is a lake on the property with a lot of history, ice rink to skat at during the winter, and a carousel that’s been there for years. Fun Fact, the field in-between the Inn, ice rink, and carousel the field was used for baseball games.

Visit Bear Mountain Inn and enjoy the Adirondack style felt in all the details in the space.

Bear Mountain Inn is an historical inn that's in the Hudson Valley and is a wonderful place to stay.

3. Bear Mountain Inn Dock

The dock is where people were dropped off from the city to come and enjoy the beautiful view of the Hudson. When you go there, think of all the people who walked this dock before you. The dock was built in the 1920s for people to take a ships from New York City to the mountains and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The dock burned down in the 1960s and was rebuilt in the 1990s. The dock is still operational. In the fall lookout for the leaf-peeping tours or Oktoberfest boat rides.

4. Purple Heart Memorial Bridge

You must walk across it! When you cross the bridge from the Bear Mountain in, go to the left on to 9D, Bear Mountain-Beacon Highway. There is parking on the left side of the road. Park and walk across the bridge! Be mindful of others while walking to the bridge, it is a highway where you are parking. Be alert when walking to the bridge and across it! From the bridge, you can see another walking bride, Boscobel, and the beginning of the island where the abandoned Bannerman Castle is left.

Take a day to walk across the Bear Mountain Bridge, or Purple Heart bridge in the Hudson Valley. From here you can see Boscoe Bell, the valley from above, and experience a good workout.

5. Scenic Overlook

When you pull out of the parking spot from the bridge, continue driving up 202, it’s about a 2-minute drive. This view you can see the Bear Mountain Inn, Purple Heart Memorial Bridge, and more of the valley.

6. Peekskill Brewery

A known spot to the area to get food and try different beers on tap. This is a spot to stop if you love trying different beers or want a Brooklyn vibe that is in the middle of a historic town. It is right off route 9. When I went it was early and I tried a Simple Blackberry Fruited Sour Beer if you like fruit beer I recommend trying this!

Experience Peekskill Brewery. It is a must stop for locals or thought wanting to try different beers on tap. Make this a stopping point on your adventure.

7. Homestyle Desserts Bakery

Right across the street from Peekskill Brewery is a bakery that smelled heavenly! It caught our eye and we had to visit it. Everything looked amazing and is made fresh daily. Since we went in early March they had Irish Soda bread out for free samples. I also got a black and white cookie since they’re one of my favorites. There is the riverfront park next to the bakery that had amazing views of the Hudson Valley, it seemed perfect to get a breakfast snack from the bakery and coffee then head down to the water.

8. Fleischmann Pier

This spot is said to have the best fishing, crabbing, and views of the Hudson. Now I cannot speak to the fishing and crabbing, but the views were spectacular. The Fleischmann Pier was built for the Fleshimen Campany that opened in Peekskill in 1900. The pier is narrow due to the good that the ships were bringing to show but could not come to shore. At the peak of the Fleishmann company is was 100 acres! Many of the old buildings are still there and have been repurposed.

Come to Fleischmann Pier for their fishing, crabbing, or the best views of the Hudson.

Peekskill is a gorgeous town worth the stop after cycling through Bear Mountain, hiking, or stopping at one of the many attractions of Hudson valley.

I have a video for this day trip! Check it out for more of a visual enjoyment of the day!

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I hope you enjoyed hearing about my trip to the Hudson Valley. If you have any questions about the area please email me at

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Bear Mountain Inn is located in New York. It is close to Harriman State park. Bear Mountain Inn is beautiful for weddings. Explore the grounds. Have a picnic on the lawn. Return in the winter for ice skating.

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