About Rebecca Noelle


Hello, fellow interweb friend!


Welcome to my travel blog and business.


My vision for my blog is to bring people on adventures with me. I am someone who enjoys planning long trips, weekend getaways, or a day trip. I hope through my experience I can give you inspirations for your own trip and encourage you to explore your local area.


I had a chance to be a full-time blogger and social media manager years ago. I thought I had to get a corporate job because of my lack of experience. It is just what the culture tells you, you must do this to be successful. A lot of that thinking comes from a place of fear. A fear I couldn’t be successful. Fear no one would want to read what I had to share. Also, the biggest thing was what my friends at the time would think about me.

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Fast forward to now, I’m thankful I received the agency and corporate life experience I did. I learned a lot. I did jobs I hated and wasn’t a perfect fit for, but I also learned the value of time and how to be business-minded. I also went threw what every twenty-five year old goes through, the sifting of friends. I have quality people around me who encourage and challenge me.


After two years at a dead-end job, I left in the expectation to find another corporate job. I contemplated the idea of starting my own company. However, it wasn't until I broke my ankle that I knew it was the only possible option.


Now I provide my audience with weekend plans in the tri-state area and trip itineraries from my travel experience.


If you are a hotel, restaurant, weekend or day destination that would want to be featured on my blog, YouTube channel, or Instagram, please email rebeccanoelle@r-noelle.com.