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Best Sunrise View with the NYC Skyline

Let me start off by sharing I am a morning person, and I love a beautiful sunrise. Honestly, all sunrises are beautiful. If you read my High Point Monument post, you know I've been seeking well-known sunrise spots in New Jersey.

Even if you're not a morning person, I will say even the mightiest of night owls will appreciate a sunrise view.

While looking up a sunrise view, 4 spots kept coming up, High Point Monument, Eagle Rock Reservation, Mount Tammany, and Cape May.

The sunrise at High Point was terrific. Mount Tammany missed the sunrise but got a beautiful view of the sun in the morning. Eagle Rock is a must-visit.

I convinced my boyfriend to make the drive with me to experience the sunrise in the winter. Now, I must say he is a winter lover like me. However, he is not a morning person. If you are going to convince a friend or partner to do this with you, it'll be a challenge if they are neither. Yes, you can do other seasons, but the wake-up call will be earlier.

For High Point, the wake-up call was about 4 something in the morning. This was closer to 5:30, but this included making coffee and packing up the car. It was also a more successful experience getting there in time for the sunrise.

Planning How To Get There:

The morning for going for the sunrise, sunrise was at 7:04 AM. With a 30 minute drive, the plan was to leave the house at 5:45. Give yourself a buffer of 15 minutes for any hiccups. We got a little lost trying to find the park entrance, so this buffer helped us not miss the sun rising.

I also buffered additional time because as much as my boyfriend thinks he's an on-time person, he's always 15 minutes late. Know yourself when planning on a time to leave. If you are a person who runs late, account for that time in your planning. It'll help minimize stress.

Where To Park:

When you enter the park, it will direct you by one-way roads to the parking lot. I suggest parking where you can see the New York City skyline. This was you can begin to see the glow of the sky change and move out of your car when it's getting closer to sunrise.

Be mindful of other vehicles and any no parking signs.

Where to See the Sunrise:

Tucked away on the hillside of the Watchung Mountain Ridge. There is a park with a beautiful view of the NYC Skyline.

Eagle Rock Reservations in a 400 plus acre park along the Watchung Mountain Ridge. After seeing the sunrise, there is a walking trail called Lenape Trail marked by yellow blazes. After witnessing the sunrise, go and explore those 40 miles walking walk trails.

The park gets its name from the bald eagles that used to be spotted along the area's eastern cliffs.

Stand where the Eagle statue is. There is a small park with various statue memorials That with give you a beautiful view.

What to Bring:





So many people turn to the beach or mountains for a sunrise view.

Facts & Attractions of Eagle Rock Reservation

🍍 40 mile Lenape Trail

🍍 Beautiful view of NYC skyline

🍍 The Olmsted Brothers contributed to the parks design, these brothers designed Central Park in Manhattan

Save this Pin to be prepared for your first or next winter hike.

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