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July 2020 Book Recommendations

A new month means book recommendations are here! There is a mix of summer reads, self-evaluation, heartfelt, and adventure. These books range in difficulty, genre, and review.

Looking for books to read or a thing to do this summer? These books you'll love! They range in topic and appreciation. Read these books and let me know these thoughts.

I know most people will probably only recommend books they love, I appreciate giving mixed reviews because someone might like something I did not enjoy. That is why you always should give an honest opinion of a book, place you travel or experience.

Let’s get into this month's book recommendations!

This is a precious book. I enjoyed this story so much. I did the audible version, which they do mix up the voices since different chapters are from a different person's perspective. It mainly focuses on three different people's stories, but how they blend together is so beautifully done.

This takes place in England which did give me a desire to travel there, what the streets and search out lost things to help the keeper. I would say that females would probably enjoy this over men just because it is from female perspectives and their internal struggles.

Isn’t it the worst when you see the conflict in a character and you can so identify with it?! This story did just that with me. A love that can never be. Or a love that has potential but because of your own fears, you become your own stumbling block.

This is a special story that tells the story of Hosea. For those of you who do not know, Hosea is a book in the Bible that tells the story of repentance. Hosea who is a prophet marries Gomer. This marriage is reflecting Christ's love for the people of Israel, it is not about what we say love is, but what we do.

Even if you are not a Christian, I would say this book is something a woman who is still single and wants to meet their future husband should read.

Jon Krakauer is an amazing storyteller. Heard of Into the Wild? He brought that story to light. 

He is interviewed for so many different magazines as an outdoor expert. He shares his experience of climbing Everest. Which to be real it’s terrifying! His experience, if you were ever thinking of climbing Everest, you need to read this book. I haven’t had that desire, but if you do, the will give you pause.

I’m sure the rules for climbing Everest might have changed, however, I don’t think people's mentalities have. Conrad trained with friends to climb the mountain, However, for Everest, you are put with a mix of people. He talks about the culture of the mountain, porters, and people who climb who maybe shouldn’t.

In Conrad’s group, they aren’t only challenged by the elements, but the experience other hikers that were simply wealthy, bough brand new gear and were not hikers. To me that added to how important it is to think of others, the potential risk you put others out, and knowing your own limits.

Who doesn’t love Reese Witherspoon? Now, to say there is a takeaway or something, I cannot say. I did this book on audible because I love Reese’s monthly book recommendations. I’ve enjoyed some of the books, but all about a grain of salt.

Now, this book, I felt like I was having a coffee chat catch up with friends. Sometimes you just need those kinds of books. This hit me right at the time of not being able to see my friends much, which I think we all are experiencing as a whole.

This book gives you a glimpse into her life. It adds to her status of being an American sweetheart and friends with all. It’s a great summer listen. Or if you have a road trip or a long commute, you’ll love listening to this!

However, I will say I didn't walk away feeling like I learned anything or it was a worthwhile read. As much as it was a friend catchup vibe, it was like the friend talked the whole time and I just sat and listened. So if you're hoping for a none thinking book, this will be perfect.

We all need something that gives us some self introspective. This book, now it hit me in the soul. There are so many times we each feel as though there was somewhere we’ve gone and we were no longer welcome. I have felt that was in different seasons of my life.

I don’t want to give away too much of Lisa’s story, but it is one that is relatable for girls, ladies, and women. If you feel like you’re out of place or having a hard time connecting with people, you’ll probably want to check out this book.

If you’ve read or want to read any of these books, let me know in the comments below! Did you check out last month's recommendations? Click here for more books to check out.

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Looking for books to read or a thing to do this summer? These books you'll love! They range in topic and appreciation. Read these books and let me know these thoughts.

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