Booking A Campsite During COVID

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

This summer, camping is looking different than most. For the last four years, my friends and I have done a camping trip and we’ve been split between friends in a tent and those in a cabin. This year, cabins, at least from the sites we’ve looked at have not been available.

Here are some things you’ll notice when booking a campsite this summer. If you’re not part of the thousands of people who got an RV this summer, you might be a tent person. My friends and I fall under the tent umbrella.

I suggest you’re looking to book a campsite this summer, do not rely on the cabin or cabin-like places to be available this summer. When looking for spots to stay in the Northeast, cabins were not an option. The only options were a tent or RV. Not all spots have lean too or open cabin, so be prepared when looking for a spot to camp the options are limited.

If you are planning for a popular spot, the weekends might be booked up. A spot my friends and I are planning to visit isn’t available till mid-September which I expect is due to kids returning to school.

At campsites, you’ll most likely experience many families camping together. If you have experience going to campsites where kids weren’t at, this may change this summer. Keep that in mind when planning out your adventures as well.

If you are hoping to go to a destination that is popular for a region, you’ll most likely have to deal with crowds if you choose your time poorly.

This has been my experience booking campsites this summer. Everything is mainly done online, you need to pay with card not cash. I highly suggest calling your campsite to see what facilities are available.

One campsite I stayed at, the bathrooms were available for toilets but showers in a different location were closed. You will need to bring wipes and things like that for your weekend trip.

Do your research for hikes that are popular versus those that are not. Popular trails during this time have been shut down and off-limits to hikers.

If you are planning other activities, check what the rules are. It is the worst when you are planning to go kayaking, you arrive and then find out you need a permit to kayak on the lake. It is important to have this information before going. We went to High Point State Park, and those lakes allow you kayak without permits.

Things that you might have relied on a campsite before, they might not be able to do this time around. Firewood? Most campsites sell firewood because it is illegal to bring firewood across state lines. Depending on the state park it is also illegal in some state parks.

I hope you’re able to get out there and camp this summer! The biggest thing, ask the campsite any questions and concerns you might have. They would rather you ask then arrive and not have you follow the rules during this time.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my tips for planning your next camping trip. If you have any questions about the area please email me at

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