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Wine Tour Thru Warwick, New York

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

In 2016 I went on a wine tour for my friend's 25th birthday! We got tickets for an event that allowed you to go anywhere on the Shawangunk Wine Trail. Our tickets were the Pasta Primo Vino event. It was in early April which is a great time to go to the wineries.

Fall and Spring are both beautiful times to go to Warwick. In the spring, the flowers are beginning to bloom and the fields are that rich green!

For the fall, Warwick is majestic. There are many apple orchards throughout Warwick, three of the stops on this wine tour have apple orchards. In the fall the orchards in the area open which is so peaceful to walk through. Also, who doesn’t love cider donuts in the fall?

*This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

The summer is a great time as well. Outdoor seating is available and you can get beautiful sunsets! Wine is good for any season, but not all locations are open year-round. Here are some items you'd want to have with you:

So, if you are looking for summer plans with friends or a cute date idea, here is my suggested wine trail and a surprise finish for you to have a great day!

Save one of these Pins to keep this tour handy!

Visit Warwick and take a tour through their wonderful wineries. This cute town over the board from New Jersey and in the Hudson Valley will give you endless stunning views you'll feel like you escaped to another world!
Visit Warwick and take a tour through their wonderful wineries. This cute town over the board from New Jersey and in the Hudson Valley will give you endless stunning views you'll feel like you escaped to another world!

Explore Warwick, New York by going on the amazing Wine Tour. This is part of the Shawnagunk Wine Trail. If you're looking for things to do in Warwick, NY this will have your weekend plans covered. You won't regret the beautiful wineries or finishing at the local drive-in!

On this wine tour, we were given a list of 15 places we could go to. At the time I had only known about Warwick Winery and Pennings (which was not included on this list since it’s known for cider and not wine. However, I’m going to add it at the end as a must stop!). On this wine tour, I found my favorite new fall spot with my friends. I was excited to go to Warwick Winery because I was told they sell Doc’s Draft Cider! I got a growler of the Raspberry Cider.

The Shawangunk Wine Trail includes 15 wineries in Warwick:

I advise you to go in the order I have the wineries listed out below. Why? Enjoyment of the loop and this would allow you to finish at Pennings Cidery. Or spend time exploring Warwick on your own before going to the surprise I have for you! If you are in the Warwick area in the spring, summer, or fall, the surprise location is a must-visit!

How do you get here?

Coming from Northern NJ: Be mindful these are toll roads and you might need to pay a toll on this route.

The main highways you will take are NJ-17N and I-87 N. This route is a beautiful drive that will take you next to Harriman State Park and Sterling Forest State Park which I highly suggest checking out both for their hiking, lakes to kayak, or cycling.

Coming from the Poughkeepsie, New York area: Be mindful this drive does include toll roads.

The main road you’ll take is I-87 S to exit 127 from US-6W to Kings Highway and Ridge Road till you reach your destination of Applewood Winery.

82 4 Corners Rd, Warwick, NY 10990

Pulling down this dirt road you’ll see a house on your left, keep driving! You have a long dirt road that comes along an apple orchard. If you arrive in the fall, this is the orchard you’ll pick your apples in! You’ll come to a bend in the road, the turn off to the left - do not take! Keep going to the right.

In total it is a 3-minute drive from the entrance to Applewood Winery's parking area. Park on the grassy parking lot, if it’s a very busy day you’ll be directed where to park. I suggest wearing comfortable food wear for here - ladies don’t do heals you’ll regret it! If you’re doing it for the gram, put them in your bag and swap your shoes for when you see that picture ready moment.

When you enter the grounds you’ll be hit with the smell of their amazing food - especially the cider donuts! There is a hut when you first enter that is a cute shop to get the donuts at the window. Then move forward to the lawn area where you can either snag a picnic table or bring a blanket and enjoy the scenery!

There is a lake in the backfield you can walk around - this is where close toes shoes would be advised. It is a decent loop, so be sure to get a drink from inside and then enjoy the grounds. You could easily spend a day here alone. Keep that in mind if you’re planning a day trip or to do a wine tour.

They will have live music and events here, they are not every weekend. I went when there was no event in hopes to get a quieter day. I did. But the bar and tasting room turned into a shop, no live music, and it made for an overall different experience. I wouldn’t say I didn’t enjoy it, but I brought a friend who I hyped up the experience to and I think they were disappointed. We later returned for an event day and the expectation was exceded!

35 Clearview Ln, Warwick, NY 10990

How to get here from Applewood Winery: This is 10 minutes away from Applewood Winery.

  1. After getting back on to 4 Corners Road, turn left

  2. (.04 miles) Turn right onto Demarest Road

  3. (1.6 miles) Continue on the Belcher Road to Minturn Road

  4. (2 miles) Turn right onto Minturn Road

  5. (.02 miles) Turn left onto NY-17A E/NY-94 W - this is a busy road, be mindful that the next turn off is quick!

  6. (0.2 miles) Turn right onto Clearview Lane

Do not be surprised when you arrive here it is a home. When I returned for updated photos, the pandemic was in effect so no photos of the inside space are included.

This home has a long porch that is enjoyable to bring a bottle of wine to sit at and enjoy. There is a wonderful selection of red wines here. To do a wine tasting it is $9 and included 6 different wine. 

On our tour, we were given cheese to try with our wine - it complimented the wine nicely. I’m not positive if this was or was not included in our wine tour ticket, but on their website, they say the food is available for purchase which included a cheese and fruit board. We did not get fruit with our cheese so I’m thinking it was.

If you do plan to buy an event ticket - check to see the theme! This location might have given us the cheese since the theme was pasta and wine. Instead of pasta, it is probably why we were given cheese. 

Now for the grounds, there is only the bar area and porch to recline and enjoy the space. You will notice a demographic of forties and above, as we were there for my friends 25th birthday, you can see we were a bit younger and were ready for our next location!

114 Little York Rd, Warwick, NY 10990

How to get here from Clearview Vineyard: This is 16 minutes away from Clearview Vineyard.

  1. Head east on Clearview Lane toward NY-17A W/NY-94 E

  2. (1.1 miles) Turn left onto NY-17a W/94 E

  3. (1.3 miles) Take Taylor Road to Jessup Road

  4. (0.3 miles) Turn left onto Jessup Road

  5. (4.5 miles) Continue on Spantown Road. Take Big Island Road, Mountainside Road and Chardovoyne Road to Little York Road

Pull into the parking lot, if it’s a weekend or event day - be prepared for a crowd. There is limited seating here so I recommend you bring a blanket to enjoy the lawn.

When you first pull in, there is a paved parking lot, going to the further parking lots it is a mix of paved spots and dirt spots. From here you can enter the beautiful grassy area to begin your picnic or brave the interior area to order a drink at the bar, get a growler filled - which you could split with friends at your picnic spot, or do the tasting offered.

Since this location can easily fill up, the interior can easily become cramped with people ordering drinks at the bar, waiting to order, waiting on food, or searching the shop for different items to buy.

If you come during the week it’ll be much quieter! The weekend in the spring is a launch of people wanting to be outside and enjoy the first picking of Warwick’s wine or like my first visit, a wine tour! The summer can have different live music or local events that bring the community together. The fall is a very active time for the Warwick area like I’ve mentioned a couple of times by now.

People come to Warwick for apple picking. Just like Applewood Winery, you’re able to pick apples on the premise here! Apple picking can start as soon as the final week of August. The orchard is open Monday through Sunday, however, tractor rides are only available on Saturday and Sunday. Be mindful of the orchard rules such as no throwing apples, do not climb the trees, no outside coolers, foods, or beverages permitted.

How to get here from Pennings Farm: This is 16 minutes away from Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery.

  1. Head southeast on Little York Rd toward Chardovoyne Rd

  2. (0.3 miles) Turn right onto Chardovoyne Road

  3. (0.1 miles) Turn right to stay on Chardovoyn Road

  4. (0.6 miles) Turn right onto Mountainside Road

  5. (0.4 miles) Turn left onto Horseshoe Lane

  6. (0.1 miles) Turn left onto Pine Island Turnpike

  7. (1.0 miles) Continue straight onto County Route 1A

  8. (3.3 miles) Turn right onto NY-94 W

  9. (0.8 miles) Turn left onto Warwick Turnpike

  10. (0.2 miles) Pennings Cider will be on your left

Demarest Hill was the starting point for the wine tour I went on. I was not a fan so I have swapped out this vineyard for one of my favorite spots in Warwick, Pennings! Pennings has since expanded from my first visit. They now have a Cidery that is about two years old. It’s amazing what they’ve done with this spot for the people of the area especially in their 20’s & 30’s to go on the weekend.

Now, there is a lot of different options you have when visiting Pennings: farmers market, restaurant, outdoor bar, apple orchard, kid petting zoo, pumpkin picking, and the Cidery. Pennings of all the places you’ve been today (if you do this as a wine/cider tour), this is a spot to linger. Your blanket will be used for seating You will want to try their delicious food. 

When you first pull into the parking lot depending on the season will vary the options. You’ll either park in the lot in front of the farmers market. If you stay there you’ll enjoy the market and fresh veggies from the farm. Freshly made food in the restaurant, handmade ice cream, or if you’re in the fall, their cider donuts are a must!

From there you can enjoy the outdoor live music on the weekends and outdoor beer garden. Here you can get Pennings Farm Cidery, beer, or local options to the Hudson Valley region. The market is closely located to the orchard and Cidery so you can easily move between it all, just be mindful of your surroundings and the farm's rules.

If this is the fall, you wouldn’t want to miss out on exploring the orchard and picking your own apples. This orchard will be filled with all your favorite kinds of apples to make apple sauce, apple pie, apple crisp, or just enjoy eating them! I love making all things apple in the fall.

Near where you park for the orchard, you can pick a pumpkin here! After that, wander the hundreds of rows to pick those perfect apples. Or I know what you’re really thinking, that picturesque photo! This orchard also gives amazing views of Warwick which in the fall with all the changing leaves is ideal.

From here before fully exiting, go to the Cidery! This can get crowded on the weekend but the staff is wonderful! Ask them what kind of cider would be ideal for you to try. No matter how busy they are, they are patient and willing to give you the best experience. 

Pennings does have amazing food, but if you want to try a restaurant in the town of Warwick, New York here are some potential options. I hope you’ve enjoyed this wine tour or go to one of these locations for a day trip! Don’t forget to hang around to the end for the surprise location to go!

Restaurants to Check out in Warwick

Finish at the best place in Warwick, the Drive-in!

This for me is one of the favorite things to do! Warwick's drive-in opens in March, but if it is a snowy winter, it will open in April. The drive-in can be open till October or November, again if the weather allows it.

The drive-in is constantly noted as being one of the best drive-ins and honestly, when you go there you’ll know why! This drive-in was built in 1950! You get to park your car, I recommend a mid-size SUV or SUV. Here is my post for recommended items to bring to the drive-in.

The drive-in is $12 per person, the same price for a double feature. Yes! You get to watch two movies so be mindful of the order of the movies. Is the one you want to see first or second? Do you want to see both - now before you ask, no you do not get a different cost for seeing only one movie.

You do have the option to bring your own meal, drinks (non-alcoholic ones), and snacks! If you do want to fund the drive-in so they can stay open for many more years (it would be amazing for them to hit 100 years!) buy the concession stand food. This is where the drive-in gets most of its funding. I love getting their burgers, it just brings me back to childhood, I don’t know, I’m a 90’s baby and there was just something about these burgers that take me back.

I hope you enjoy my surprise for you! If you go on this wine tour or spend a day at any of these Warwick Vineyards tag me on Instagram @rebeccanoelle.explorewithme, I’d love to see it!

Facts of Attractions of Warwick, New York:

  • Warwick is located in the Hudson Valley of New York State

  • Albany is the capital of New York

  • American currency is in American dollars and cents

  • The area is known for its hiking, cycling, apple orchards, and wineries

If you have any questions about the area please email me at

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