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Why I'm Expanding to Lifestyle

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

I believe this is a valid question. When someone is starting, it seems more comfortable to tell someone to stay in their lane. I get it. Also, the buzz word is to niche down primarily. I agree with that. I have a short window for blogging for this blog. I've had blogs in the past but nothing official.

Bloggers I've connected with, I even backed the thought that if you want to be a travel blogger, write about travel. Don't just expand because many larger influencers were advising others; that is how they would make money. For me, I didn't want to be just a travel blogger. I always saw myself expanding; I just wasn't sure when or how I would.

I recently had a life update where I got into a relationship. From his help and encouragement in this career path, I've chosen it has made me want to write and share other content ideas that are not just traveling.

My travel blog focuses on adventure travel. Adventure travel is a lifestyle. People who grew up in a household where you didn't go hiking, camping, or doing anything under the adventure umbrella, then you'll probably have many questions.

Those questions I have or I'm working on gaining the knowledge, and I wish to share my experience with you. So yes, lifestyle is a very broad subject. Still, I believe that to continue to share adventure travel locations; I also need to share information about adventure travel.

This information can range from snacks to buy or make, stretching, which is incredibly important, working out when not in nature, gear reviews, etc. I turn to YouTube and blogs for tons of information. There is still so much I need to learn, but I want to share what I have learned.

2020 has been a year. However, I've been thankful for going into my local outdoor stores. They're practically sold out of much gear because people have purchased them. They've purchased them for big trips or local exploring. I think that is amazing! I hope hikes and trips don't stop.

So here is to the beginning of sharing my knowledge to help keep you on the trails or discovering new campsites!

Save this pin if you've wanted to expand or not just stick to one lane.

I enjoy travel and writing about my travel experience. I focus on adventure travel, and adventure travel is a lifestyle.
I enjoy writing travek blog post but I've wanted to write more than adventure travel. To maintain adventure travel you need to have a lifestyle that supports that. From budgeting for an adventure, health and wellnes between adventures, and anything inbetween.

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