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Weekend Trip to Newport, RI

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

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My sisters and I went away for a long weekend to Newport, Rhode Island. My sister has a friend who lives about a half hours away so it was a good excuse to meet her for lunch and a quick catch up. My sister’s friend lives in Barrington which is such a cute town to explore.

Newport is gorgeous! We went in early June which is the pre-prime season, which I will say was a wonderful time to go! It was too chilly to go into the water at the beach but not too cold to get our feet wet and enjoy reading a book on the beach. We stayed at the Atlantic Beach Hotel & Suites and it was wonderful! The beds were so comfortable and it was great they renovated the older space to upgrade the facilities but maintain the Newport history vibe.

Amazing beach views in Newport. So many views to enjoy in the Inlet.

The hotel is located right between Easton and Atlantic beach which was ideal for us. You have views of the ocean and can walk to the Cliff Walk. A fun surprise that weekend there was a volleyball tournament on the beach. It is an ongoing event in May, which is an experienced volleyball player since I was in the 6th grade, I was sad we came the final day so we couldn’t sign up for the tournament.

For the first day, we enjoyed Eaton Beach and putting our feet in the water, it was not warm enough to go full body. The beach was wonderful and it was interesting seeing this reddish-pink stuff in the water which is from the algae. I had never experience pink algae before so it was interesting to walk the water with it. The seagulls loved it though! It also gave some birds a pink tint.

Eaton Beach gets pink algae that is beautiful and food for the birds.

Now when the day came to finding dinner, this is where things went wrong. We did not research so wander the area in search and we failed. Isn’t it the worst to be hungry, no idea what you want, it’ll end with aimlessly wandering streets. We eventually gave up, got chips and salsa and returned to our room.

In the morning, my one sister is a Starbucks addict so we drove to the center of Newport which was maybe a 10-minute drive to get Starbucks and walk the Cole streets of Downtown Newport and see what the harbor has to offer.

Starbucks in Newport keep the history of the space.

There are so many cute shops, but the event that really caught our eye, the sunset boat tours. We signed up to go that evening and it was the highlight of the trip. We excitedly finished out Starbucks, walking the docks and seeing all the different shops before returning back to our room to relax with our other sister.

Newport has so much to offer. It is famous for its Manchin tours, ships, and coastal getaway. If you’re looking to go for a girls' weekend here are the top 5 activities I recommend you do.

1. Walk the Cliff Walk

Staying by Eaton Beach we were able to walk to the Cliff Walk from our hotel. It is about 2 miles one way, so 4-mile loop. One the walk you come across some of the famous Newport Manchins. You’re able to walk some of the grounds and it is such a contrast to walking the rocky cliffs to then entering a back yard lush with green and seem almost removed from the space you just walked.

Entering the Cliff Walk gives you amazing views of Eaton Beach and the Inlet.

A little history about The Cliff Walk was officially formed in the 1970s due to two major hurricanes that happened in 1938 and 1954 that delayed the opening of the Cliff Walk.

There are also other spots on the trail that it is not a smooth terrain. If you are injured, not great with balance, or not a fan of more of a hiking element, I suggest driving to the next location.

The Manchins along the Cliff Walk are something to marvel and enjoy while you enjoy the great landscape of the ocean.

These are the famous steps that people take their photos. It is called 40 steps because there are 40 steps to the bottom of an amazing view of Eaton Beach and the shoreline. This is a spot many walks to for photos. You can walk a bit of the trail from here. From Eaton Beach to the steps it’s a 1-mile walk. You can walk it risky or power walk if you like.

40 steps is a stop on the Cliff Walk and in Newport.

The highlight of the trip! Who doesn’t like a bruise cruise? It was amazing. My sister and I loved the experience. The people on the sailboat know a lot about the area. You can ask them anything about the homes or the Newport history and they are glad to share it.

My sister and I enjoying a sunset cruise in Newport.

Since we went in June, the day was longer and you stay on the ship until the sunset actually happens.

4. Visit the Shops

The shops at the pier in Newport are beautiful! If you love getting souvenirs on your travels, the shops have so many different items you can get. It also has amazing views of Newport Harbor. There are so many walking paths through Newport that you can walk along the water and just enjoy the beauty of the day.

Walk to the shops in the town. There are so many nautical themed shops and gifts that you can convince yourself you own a yacht!

Eaton Beach is a wonderful Beach to relax at.

This beach is right next to the Cliff Walk and has amazing views of the inlet there. It's not a high trafficked beach. However, if you are looking to relax in a chair or blanket with a book or journaling this beach will be ideal for you!. You have a long stretch of water but also a small park nearby to walk to the Cliff Walks on the other side so you can be camped out for the day.

Additional Places to visit. I didn’t get to visit these spots but they’re on my list for my next visit!

  • Go to the Winery

  • Visit Jamestown

  • Go on a Mansion Tour

Here is some background to Newport and known attractions:

  • Newport is located not the coast of Rhode Island

  • Providence is the capital of Rhode Island, Newport is 40 minutes away

  • American currency is in American dollars and cents

  • Known for its mansion tours and history

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my trip to Newport, Rhode Island. If you have any questions about the area please email me at

*Anything could happen while you're traveling! Be sure you are ensured before any unforeseen issues arise. Click here to get insured on your next trip!

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Plan the greatest weekend getaway to Newport Rhode Island. There are more to do than the mansion tours.

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