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Travel Sustainably - Airport and Airplane Hacks

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Save this pin to remember these hacks for your next flight!

*This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

When traveling it’s easy to not think about the coffee you order on the run. Or grabbing a water bottle from one of the kiosks because you know it’s important to drink water on your flight. Neither of these things are necessarily bad, but this list is comprised of simple changes you can make to not have to buy a drink and then just throw out when you're done with it.

The more I learned about sustainability, the more I show it doesn't just make my life, others, or the environment, but it does make a series dent in my bank account. When I was looking into sustainable changes, it seemed like a lot of advertisements were making it seem like you had to spend money to make it possible.

Yes, some things you do you need to buy, but the objective is to cut down the future purchasing of multiple items and replace them with one item. You do not have to spend a decent amount of money. But that isn’t true.

The more I educated myself, I realized it doesn’t cost what I thought. In the long wrong, it’ll actually save money, time, and help give perspective to how I use my money and what my needs are. Am I purchasing this item from convenience or need? That translated into how I travel and how I prepare to travel.

Here are items to consider when flying to maintain or begin a sustain travel life:

These are practical ways is a way to cut down on the water bottles being thrown own and coffee or tea containers being thrown out. For me, I drink about 100 ounces of water a day, that would be purchasing 4 to 5 bottles a day. If you’re on a 10-day trip, that is 40 to 50 bottles throughout the trip. If you buy a reusable water bottle, that would save you from using those water bottles. Also, areas have water fountains or spots to fill up your bottle which will also save you money on your trip.

Travel mug, if you have a morning coffee that would be purchasing 10 cups a day if you’re getting it to go and not in a mug. If you bring a travel mug

Instead of getting utensils with a meal to go, on a plane or camping, bring a multipurpose utensil to have your meals covered. You can clean it and reuse all meals on the go. Keeping this handy will lessen the number of forks, knives, and spoon you just through away.

UCO utility spork is amazing to bring on trips when flying, road trip, or camping. Don't forget your spork when traveling to help the environment.

3. Packing lunch or snacks before 

Have you ever made your own energy balls? They’re amazing! I got this wonderful recipe from Simply Quinoa that my family is hocked on. This has become our go-to snack for trips to pack since all the ingredients are filing. Do you have a snack you make to bring on the go? Consider this rather than just taking a bagged item that you’ll throw away once you finished it.

These have become my favorite home and travel item. One thing to consider, you can pack snacks in here and wash the item with boiling water or put in a dishwasher. Another thing to consider, do you need vitamins when you travel? They have tiny Stasher item that is perfect! Another thing, are you sick of your headphones tangled or lost? They have these perfect sized small Stasher bags to hold them as you'll see in the image below.

Stasher bags are great to bring when traveling. It will store your snacks, headphones, or quick grabbing items. Keep things organized and not have a ziplock bag to throw out.

These have been a major game-changer for me when I go on road trips. Put together a homemade trail mix to snack on rather than grabbing some junk food on the way. If trail mix isn't your thing, try these energy balls from Simply Quinoa, they're amazing!

5. Be Active

While waiting to board a flight, walk around. You’ll be forced to sit for the duration of the flight. If you are traveling solo, then the backpack and wheeling bag is best for staying active while waiting for a light. 

This helps blood flow on a flight and also allows you to get movement. Here are some movements you can do on the flight to also help your body get extra support:

  • Ankle circles

  • Knee lifts

  • Knee hug

  • Neckroll

  • Should roll

  • Bend forward

All these movements will help support your body during a flight. If you are looking for something longer to do, here are some of my favroite YouTubers to watch for working out and strecthing:

  • Fitness Blender - on their site you can choose the specific area you want to focus on also what kind of equip or lack of equipment you have!

  • Yoga With Adriene - amazing yoga workout to do anywhere!

  • Sarah's Day - not only does she offer great workouts, but she also has fun vlogs to watch! Check out her e-books which are easy to modify for traveling! Her first book is created to do with no equipment.

6. Leave a place better than you left it

Whenever you travel, this is a good rule of thumb to keep in mind. If you are going on a hiking trip, it is similar to the rules of leave no trace. This can go on a physical impact but also your treatment of the people you come in contact with while visiting. Be kind to those you come in contact with. It will allow you to improve the people of the area.

Additional Pinterest Pin options to save this for another day:

Traveling through an airport it easy to grab items and move on without realizing the impact our quick fixes take on our surrounding environment. Here is a guide of small changes you can take to lower the impact of your travels.

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