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Argentinian Experience in North Bergen

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

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New York City is known as the melting pot. Once people get over the hustle and bustle of NYC, or the enormous price tag connected to it, they discover the magicalness of the suburbs. If not suburbs, Hudson county. That melting pot comes to the surrounding areas whether it's Westchester county of New York, a different borough than Manhattan, or Hudson County of New Jersey. Dulce De Leche Bakery in North Bergen in Bergen country New Jersey will give you an experience of being in Argentina for the day.

If you are coming from Jersey City or Hoboken take the light rail to the Bergenline Ave Station stop that is twenty blocks down from the bakery. It is a healthy walk, but the walk you do will make you not feel so guilty about the sweet goodies you’re going to indulge on. Tips if you are trying to make a day of it in Hudson County or the city, park at the Tonnelle Ave station park and ride, parking is free!

This spot is free to park at if you are looking to spend the day in Hudson County or New York City

There are bus stops that come right to the front door of the bakery. Take the bus to the Bergenline Ave at 66th St.stop. If you’re taking the bus, then here are your options: 22, 84, 156, 159, and 181.

We drove which was about a 35-minute drive down Route 17 South, 80 East, and US-46 E before taking side roads. It is very easy to navigate to get to the bakery. There is metered parking on the street if the street is filled there is municipal parking between 64th and 65th street off Bergenline Ave.

Duloce De Leche Bakery in North Bergen is an amazing Argentinian bakery that is a must visit!

This amazing bakery stands out on the busy street. As soon as you open the doors you are struck by the welcoming atmosphere. When you enter, on your left, there is exposed brick, and who doesn’t love that? It also had these ivy looking plants that just fit the wall to perfectly with their raised tables.

Beautiful brick backdrop in Dulce De Leche, North Bergen New Jersey.

The center of the space had tables for people to sit at and enjoy the goodies they ordered. The staff is so welcoming and kind. They are so knowledgeable about all the selections and willing to suggest the best options.

Looking to the rest of the restaurant in Dulce De Leche Bakery.

They are known for their dulce de leche churros. They only make them on the weekend so make sure you come early!

Churros which are Dulce De Leche must get item!

The bakery opens at 6 AM. We got there a bit before 8 AM and it was wonderful sitting in the corner with a croissant and a vanilla latte with almond milk. That is my go-to coffee. My Dad went with me since he wanted to take me on a Daddy-daughter date and have a special time together. We stayed a while, grabbed a seat in the corner and enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere. When you order and if you stay, the staff will give you a number to bring to your table. The staff will bring you your hot food or coffee, if you get baked goods, they will be given to you when you pay.

My Dad and I enjoying our spot and lattes.

Whether you are going on a date, family time, or some alone time, this is a spot to visit. You can see the whole space and see the different people who come in for their usual order or who will enjoy their breakfast there. It looked like some people had this as a weekly spot where they come and see friends or bump into friends.

Is this not an Instagrammable wall?

It was special to see so many different walks of life come in and liven up space. We even got items home for the rest of my family to do a taste testing for fun. I loved the dulce babka, cheese danish, zucchini quiche (this was recommended by a local we talked to), filled croissant, and some other items that were recommended as the staff best sellers.

My sister is the foodie in the family so she was super descriptive of all the foods. I honestly keep telling her to start her own food blog so the world could enjoy all the things she has to share.

Some of the goodies the bakery offers.

Well, this is my blog and I share experiences and talk about the spaces that I’m in. I wish I could describe the food to you, but all I got is they were wonderful! Take the recommendations from the staff. They know what they’re talking about.

After enjoying seeing so many different walks of life and friends coming together we went back to the car and drove down to the light rail. If you came by bus or the light rail, take the Light Rail stop at the Port imperial gives a great view of the city. You can either hop on the ferry and enjoy the city for the day or take the stairs up and keep to your right and head down to the Old Glory Park.

We drove to Old Glory Park. There’s a dog park if you want to bring your furry friend, but also seating areas with the view of the New York skyline. Many monuments in the park from Lady Justice, Thomas M Donnelly, and others the further you walked. Bring a book and enjoy the quiet of the morning. Or enjoy the walking path that stretches the whole waterfront for a walk, run, or cycling on the road.

Lady Justice in Old Glory Park
Fountain in Old Glory Park

New York City skyline from Old Glory park
Running or walking path at old glory park with dark park in view.

Just in one day, you can experience so many different cultures and environments. The mix of the Argentina bakery where we met a man named Pablo from Buenos Aires who was an enjoyable company, to the waterfront and seeing all the cyclists, runners, or people out enjoying the day with the New York skyline as their backdrop, the view of the city from above and a lower perspective.

Dueling grounds view.

Just in one day, you can experience so many different cultures and environments. The mix of the Argentina bakery where we met a man named Pablo from Buenos Aires who was enjoyable company, to the waterfront and seeing all the cyclists, runners, or people out enjoying the day with the New York skyline as their backdrop.

I hope you get to experience the wonderful Argentine bakery Dulce De Leche and the view of the New York skyline like you haven’t before.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my trip to North Bergen and Weehawken, New Jersey. If you have any questions about the area please email me at


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