A Day to Explore Seattle, Washington

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Seattle is located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States in Washington. Seattle is located between Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountain range which gives this city amazing views. To many, it is known as the Emerald City because of the lush evergreen forest surrounding it. It is known for its tech boom and coffee lovers which make up the fabric of this city.

I’ve spoken about planning my trip to Seattle in a previous post. That delves a lot into my planning process for this trip and how I plan my trips. Seattle is such an amazing city. I was so excited about this trip since it was the biggest trip I’ve ever gone on and planned all by myself!

My sister went on this adventure with me in early September 2019. We researched flights on Expedia where we booked our flight through Alaska Airlines from Newark, New Jersey to Seattle, Washington Airport. I was told about Skyscanner after planning this trip, which I now recommend using as another way to search for flights.

This was my first time flying with Alaska Airlines and it was a great experience. I would suggest booking your flight with them if you’re able to get this airline at your airport. We had plenty of space, it was clean, and the flight attendants were so kind. I wish we had them on our flight home, but we did not.

After leaving the plane and getting our luggage, we got on the airport shuttle that brought us to where all the rental cars for the airport are. The shuttle ride was about fifteen minutes. The rental car location is structured like a parking deck to a mall and was a way to navigate. I’ve used Hertz on my trips, but for this trip, we got a great deal with Enterprise and the staff was wonderful. They have a lot of great options, we went with a Nissan Rouge since we were heading out to Olympic National Park after spending the night in Seattle and knew we needed something to hand the drive up the mountains.

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Downtown Seattle

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Now on the road, we headed straight for Downtown Seattle since it was on the way to our hotel which was by the University of Washington. On our list as a stop was Pike Place Market. Pike Place Place was interesting, you do get great views from the pig statue, but I would say it was underwhelming. We had to drive a bit for parking, wandered the area but there really wasn’t anything around it. We walked the multiple floors of the market, and the lower floors got weirder and weirder. Psychic readings and things of that nature are not something I’m into and make me really uncomfortable.

We returned to the main floor since the fish market was interesting. Explore the markets' main floor since they have interesting goods sold. You can see a lot of local artists selling what they’ve made. Then the walking pig is a must snag photo! It gives a great view of the city plus Rachel the Piggy Bank is known as the market's mascot.

From there we were told there was a nice walking path along the water, but there was construction going on when we went so it was hard to find. To be honest, we didn’t put on the best efforts since we hadn’t gone to our hotel yet.

We decided to bail on the market and make out way to the hotel. On the way to the car, we searched for the first Starbucks location. It was right across the street from the market by the Pike Market sign! The line was insanely long! People mainly were getting a picture in front of the store. We were not going to wait for a photo os us to be taken since it was very crowded so decided to move on.

There isn’t anything else around the market so we decided to head to our hotel. The drive to our hotel was quick and easy to maneuver through Seattle. Be mindful of all street signs! Lot of one way or lanes marked for a specific purpose.

We quickly checked into our hotel, Silver Cloud Hotel - University District got situated, and then we out to explore. Our first stop was to eat. We were staying by to the University of Washington and the University village where we had shopping, restaurants, and Starbucks close by! We at Ram Restaurant and Brewery, the food was amazing!

Our waitress was also the best! She was super sweet, we shared out it was our first time to Seattle so she wrote out a list of places for us to see. If you want to see the best spot in the city, go to Gas Works Parks.

Gas Works Park

It has the best views of the city. There is a fun playground that we explored and walked the paths. We spent probably two hours here. There is a nice walking trail you can either walk or go for a run. I didn’t see people on bikes. One thing to note is Seattle is known for its bike scene. Many people use bicycles to get around.

There is a nice path that you walk along the water. Seattle has a lot of seaplane tours so you can see one taking off and landing about every 5 to 10 minutes. When we landed it was raining which felt like a great welcoming to the Pacific Northwest, not at the park it was overcast and partly sunny with a double rainbow! People place to enjoy. I highly suggest spending time here if you have kids and want the best view of the city.

From here we continued driving around Seattle to see the city. Before heading to bed since the following day we were heading out to Olympic National Park! 

Review of Silver Cloud Hotel - University District

Pulling into the hotel, the space is tight, but there is a deep parking lot. If you are looking to unload, check where your room is since they have side and a back entrance which could make unloading your car easier. We were by the back of the hotel so drove to the back, entered there, which you need the key for which is a great added security.

Then, we entered and got the hotel to the second floor and made our way tot he room. The room was great! Even though it’s by the main road, we did not hear any road noise. The bed was very comfortable and light canceling blinds. Also, the showers were great to clean up after a long flight! 

Breakfast was included with our stay. It was great to have eggs, toast, and other goodies. They had cereal options and I actually had cocoa puffs! I cannot remember the last time I had it since it was the first day of our trip, it was my treat. My sister got their coffee while I filled up my water bottle with water for the road. The water was so fresh and refreshing. 

I recommend staying by the University of Washington overstaying in Seattle. The area is quieter, you don't have to worry about parking, and you get to see the beautiful suburbs that surround the city. The Ballard was my favorite to explore!

Before hitting the road to head to Olympic National Park, we drove past the Space Needle, this was a major detour! I do not suggest doing this, especially since at the end of our stay we were staying across the street from the Space Needle.

Keep an eye out for my future Olympic National Park posts! I’m so excited to share the Olympic National Park with you! Park of the trip is shared in my Day Trip Getaway to Victoria, BC.

Facts of Attractions of Seattle, Washington:

  • Seattle is located Pacific Northwest in Washington State

  • Olympia is the capital of Washington, Seattle is an hour away

  • American currency is in American dollars and cents

  • Known for the Space Needle, coffee, rain, and grunge scene

  • Movie featured here: Sleepless in Seattle (1993), It Happened At the World's Fair (1963), Say Anything (1989), and many more!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my trip to Seattle, Washington. If you have any questions about the area please email me at rebeccanoelle@r-noelle.com

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